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24.08.15 · Industry News

Automotive Industry in the UK

We looked at all the latest figures from the automotive industry to paint a sector overview of the UK's automotive sector. We can trace the origins of our automotive history back to the end of the 19th century, by the 1950’s we were the second largest manufacturer of cars in the world and the largest exporter. Since then the figures have changed somewhat.

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17.08.15 · Industry News

Renewable energies UK

The UK is a renewable energy success story. Over 20% of the UK’s electricity comes from renewable energy, by 2030 it is estimated that figure will be 50%. It is no surprise then that more Governments and companies continue to jump aboard the solar powered train.

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10.08.15 · Industry News

An insight to Northern Ireland's Aerospace Manufacturing sector

With the hype and excitement the B/E Aerospace Festival of Flight brings to Northern Ireland every year which took place at the weekend combining precision engineering with technical skill to produce a visual & audio display of awesome proportions, I looked into the Aerospace manufacturing sector in the region.

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03.08.15 · Industry News

How will 3D printing affect future Industry?

It has been said that 3D printing is the 3rd Industrial Revolution. Although the current level of high-value engineering, 3D printing is on course to change the way we make things & revolutionise industry in the not so distant future.

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01.09.14 · Industry News

VickerStock News

The latest job news from across Northern Ireland.

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29.08.14 · Industry News

A search for superiority - VickerStock Sponsors the BIFM Ireland Region Awards

The search is on for extraordinary organisations and individuals operating within the facilities management (FM) industry in Ireland as the BIFM Ireland Region Facilities Management Recognition Awards, sponsored by VickerStock Engineering Recruitment, are officially launched.

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