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Work placements proving hugely beneficial in securing jobs

05.07.18 · Engineering News

Completing your studies and joining the working world can be a very daunting task. Trying to find employment straight out of University can often prove to be difficult.

What can you do to stand out from the huge volume of candidates applying for the same role? Completing valuable work placement can give you the edge above other applicants.

Michaela Christie, a Human Resource Advisor at Andor, An Oxford Instruments Company has offered some insight into what makes candidates stand out during the job selection process.

“A huge advance in the standard of engineering in the past few years is down to the increased number of work placements undergone by students.

Recent changes in the sector, especially in terms of mechanical engineering, are that more universities now offer work placements. This gives students more practical, hands on experience rather than just having the knowledge learned from a textbook.

When applying for jobs, candidates are much more competent.”

Work placements are a valuable opportunity to learn from experts in the field, gaining experience and developing the skills learned during your studies. This is a great way make contacts and advance your career at an early stage.

Not only do placements help with future careers prospects, they also increase the confidence of students, providing real-time training from companies operating across Northern Ireland. This will prove beneficial when it comes to applying and securing a job.

Andor specialises in the development and manufacturing of high performance digital cameras. The company based in Belfast are overwhelmed by the number of skilled workers available for positions within the engineering sector.

Michaela said; “In terms of skill shortages, we are not finding it difficult to recruit. There are increased opportunities for those trained in software, but this makes it harder to recruit because so many people are available for positions.

We look to see what our competitors are offering and create more specific job descriptions.”

With the high standard of engineers available in Northern Ireland, having undertaken previous work experience will show dedication and commitment to your chosen field, giving you an edge above the other candidates.

The software sector is set to become an area which will see a lot growth in the next twelve months.

“There is a volume of new roles coming into the Belfast market. More people are needed to fulfil the demand for the new products.”

There are a lot of exciting opportunities coming to Northern Ireland for engineers, a very positive prospect especially for those involved in the software sector.  This would be the ideal time to get some experience in this area, to increase employment possibilities.

When applying for jobs in Andor, Michaela said; “Research. Look at the products we supply, what is available in the market and know as much about the company as possible.”


By Eimhear McGurk | Journalist at Vickerstock


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